"I KIssed the Joker"



"I Kissed The Joker" b/w "Batman Theme" 7" Vinyl!!!


Holy Bump n' Grind, Batman!!!


The FIRST-EVER 7" vinyl release from Psycho Charger!!!


"I Kissed The Joker" lays down a psycho-charged bump n' grind groove inspired and recorded for the upcoming documentary film "The Devil's Dance", which covers the antics and exploits of The Devil’s Playground, Los Angeles' "Naughtiest and Nerdiest" burlesque (and now wrestling) troupe.


What's more, the flipside is a rawkin' version of "The Batman Theme" featuring The Jimmy Psycho Experiment and vocal duties by the lovely ladies of The Devil's Playground on "Bat-Vocals"! Talk about action-packed!!!


The artwork for the release features the "main mind" behind The Devil's Playground, the stunning Courtney Cruz in her infamous "Lady Joker" costume.


SUPER LIMITED to only 500 copies on "Joker Purple" vinyl!


EXCLUSIVE digital download of the songs included with purchase! These songs WILL NOT be available anywhere else!


High-quality insert folds out into an awe-inspiring mini-poster of the Lady Joker!



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