Ultra-Horrific Raw-Kill-BIlly!!!

"Sinister vocal distortion over menacing guitar twang...whacky horror movie sound bites...red hot psychobilly fire with cold industrial steel and distorto surf punk...songs about truckers, murderers, zombies, and rednecks...unbridled, unpretentious...Grungy, horror-centric fun...like a grindhouse version of AC/DC"

     -Rue Morgue Magazine


"This is the Cramps meet White Zombie".

     -Alternative Press


"Throbbingly propulsive, infectiously hooky and coated in an all-pervasive layer of dirt and distortion...bites like an undead sewer rat and refuse to let go!"

     -Kerrang! Magazine

N.Y.C.'s (and now Los Angeles’) Bloodiest band and the Bastard Sons of The King hisself, PSYCHO CHARGER, deliver an ultra-Horrific death-march thru the rotting R'n'R graveyard that's been described as "Horror Rawkillbilly"!!! Digging up influences from Rockabilly, industrial, punk, surf, and gothic, these west  psycho-rockers provide a horror-influenced, mutant cross-bred psycho-industrial-rawk assault that kicks and flails like a pissed-off two-headed bastard child at a family reunion!!! This is truly evil heavy-twang hell rock from the righteous side of the Devil's trailer park!!!


In the time the band has been together, they have released three solo releases, appeared on numerous compilations, and on TV spots for Spike TV. Being a very hard working band, Psycho Charger plays a regular string of shows both nationally and internationally, sharing the stage with many nationally touring bands. Psycho Charger have headlined the "Bring Out Your Dead" music festival in London, England, the Rue Morgue Magazine Festival of Fear in Toronto, Ontario, as well as playing the main stage at INK-N-IRON Festival!


PSYCHO CHARGER has just released their latest full-length release ,  called "Spawn of the Psycho"  which is   a screaming testament of the band’s energy, musical aptitude, and love for B movie horror. In addition, the band recently had songs appear in the horror films "Fractured", "Chillerama" and “Night of the Demons”  as well as recording the song "Psalm 6:66" with iconic industrial-metal band Ministry for the incredible documentary film "Fix"!!!


This song/video was recorded for the HorrorHound Magazine music compilation "It's Only a Movie..."..Click below to check it out!!!